Welcome, alumni and friends! The Memphis Area Alumni Association is pleased to have you on our page. We are an organization of ZBT alumni who graduated from the University of Memphis (or Memphis State University) and those ZBT alumni who live in the Memphis area. Many of us graduated from the University of Memphis; however, we have ZBT alumni who graduated from universities and colleges across the United States such as the University of Missouri, University of Alabama, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt University. Our mission is to provide networking and social events for ZBT alumni, to mentor undergraduate members and provide career-development opportunities, and offer a space for updates on the lives of our alumni.

In the past, we have hosted tailgates at Memphis Tigers sporting events, alumni mixers with undergraduate members, outings to the Redbirds, and tours of local area attractions. We look forward to hosting more events in the future and hope to see you soon!

Updates & Events

On April 29, the ZBT Memphis Area Alumni Association hosted a fun afternoon event at the Crosstown Brewing Company for alumni and family. Boiled crawfish and beers were served to those in attendance. It was great seeing everyone out having a good time. Thank you to Justin Dulin and Joe Hopper for coordinating the event.

Upcoming events:

  • ZBT International Convention in Los Angeles - July 12-15, 2018: Registration is now open.
  • University of Memphis Football Homecoming - TBA

Alumni Spotlight

Daniel Longo '09

Daniel Longo graduated from the University of Memphis in 2009 with a degree in Linguistics and a minor in Communications, having served as President of ZBT Memphis in 2008. He earned his Master's degree in Education from the University of Memphis in 2012. After graduating from Memphis, Daniel taught at Northside Innovative Academy followed by Bolton High School and is now an educator at Bartlett High School. He has successfully led the Bartlett wrestling team, making them a true competitor year after year. He is married to Elizabeth Longo, a labor/delivery nurse. Daniel is a current member of the ZBT Memphis Gamma Mu Advisory Council.

Omega Class

Omega Class - The Omega Class of Zeta Beta Tau Gamma Mu at Memphis recognizes those individuals who have passed into the Eternal who made a significant contribution to our organization. Including among these individuals are alumni of our organization and other Greek organizations, community members, and members of the Memphis State University/University of Memphis faculty and staff.

"There is no death, only a change of worlds."

  • Alex Brueggeman
  • Gabe Nahmias
  • Jon C. Poulin
  • Clifton Ward Woolley, MD
  • Dennis Brooks
  • Joel Benham
  • Michael Handleman
  • King Hodges, Jr.
  • Alan G. Kamm
  • Lawrence Price
  • Joseph Suter
  • Malcolm Schwartz
  • Bacherig, Sam
  • Richard Taube
  • Alan Lipman