ZBT Gamma Mu Chapter is a unique organization at the University of Memphis. We can help to personalize and expand your college experience. We offer a diverse group of supportive brothers to assist in the adjustment to college life. We emphasize scholastic excellence and provide an opportunity to give back to the community through service projects by encouraging you to participate in campus and community.

ZBT is now over 100 years old, and the Gamma Mu Chapter in particular has a long, rich history of contributing to campus life at Memphis. We have an extensive alumni base with years of experience to help you in your college career and beyond! This coupled with our rapid success over the past few years establishes an ideal environment for you to actively develop your leadership skills for the future. In the past eight years, we have had four SGA Presidents, multiple brothers involved as Frosh Camp Counselors and Orientation Guides, and many Emerging Leaders. We were named runner up for best chapter of ZBT in the world in 2013, receiving awards for best community service, programming, and advisor and in 2014 we were named the best chapter of ZBT worldwide. The University of Memphis recognized us as the Fraternity of the Year in 2015.

We're excited you're here, do not hesitate to contact any of us.

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Since the practice of pledging and all second-class status practices were abolished in ZBT in 1989, all men are initiated as full equals with full rights and respect within 72 hours of being invited to join the fraternity. Our leadership believes pledging is indicative of a culture of hazing that we do not support. All brothers take part in a brotherhood enrichment program that includes education and relationship building called THE JOURNEY.

THE JOURNEY is the brotherhood development program for all ZBT brothers, undergraduate and alumni. It is an evolving program and includes education for newly initiated brothers, brothers by class, all chapter/colony brothers, chapter/colony leaders, advisors and alumni. Related online resources are available to enhance the personal development and journey of all chapter/colony brothers.

THE JOURNEY program eliminates absolute power by eliminating the “second-class citizen” status created by pledging, and replacing it with quality standards, memorable events, education and a good time for all brothers.

  • ALL ZBTs ARE EQUAL. Pledging is prohibited. Separate membership statuses and terminologies (“associates,” “nibs,” “kids,” etc.) are prohibited. No second-class status is permitted.
  • The rights and privileges of a ZBT are granted immediately upon his acceptance of a bid. The maximum period permitted between bid acceptance and the initiation ritual is 72 hours. There is no minimum period required between bidding and initiation. Initiation forms and fees must be collected prior to initiation, and remitted to ZBT within 72 hours of initiation.
  • Standards, practices, and activities that apply to one brother, apply to all brothers, regardless of class year.
  • All chapters and colonies must use THE JOURNEY program.